Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mine is Better

Mine is Better

Growing up in a sheltered life surrounded by influences with little difference, in any young persons mind it is easy to believe, mine is better. As the young individual is parading through life believing what they have been taught, the world is the stage and the individual is the star. This young individual is me, believing in spirituality the way it was taught and discovering the world was not so black and white as it was previously imagined. My image of mine is better, ceases to be. Instead of losing all egocentrism, tolerance and less judgment become fruits of the new belief.

Mental Stability

When children are brought up in a world safe of outside influences, it is easy to help them grow in their quest for achieving mental stability. In that quest, it is noted that the world is separated into mine is better, the white side, and yours is wrong, the black side. At this point, so long as it feels right and there is no regret, the white side is all that matters and it is easy to stay away from the black side.
When a child ventures out for the first time, the black and white analogy is difficult to follow because then it is discovered that gray area exists. This gray area is an area of confusion and also an area of curiosity. Once this gray area is experienced, it is difficult to forget it. The influence of it is stronger than believing mine is better, yours is wrong.


Spirituality for most is a belief that has continued throughout the generations of their family. They believe because everyone else they hold close to them also believe. Spirituality is much more than this. Spirituality is merely a belief in ones ability. Once this is mastered, the world’s black and white separation disappears and color is introduced. Suddenly the world has much more to offer the individual that has not been able to push the gray side out. With the introduction of color, the gray area is not of interest and the individual begins to see things for what they are.

Transformation Discussion

My world in recent years has changed. I used to believe that what I had for spirituality was much greater than what anyone else had. I felt sorry for those that could not have what I had. I judged those who did not believe as I did. Once I began studying many different views, those that sided with me and those that did not, my eyes began to be opened. I no longer pushed my beliefs on others, nor did I judge them for their lack of my belief. It was almost as if my belief was the one that was lacking.
Although my beliefs have changed in the topic of spirituality, my story continues. I find it difficult expressing how my beliefs have changed. The fruits I have obtained because of my change have made my story much less about me and more about others. Getting away from the mine is better thinking, has made me able to accept others for who they are and for what their story expresses. The key to ones self is the ability to push aside mine is better and to engage in a whole new way of thinking. This is done by engulfing the desire in unlocking the good from within, and pouring it out onto others, no matter how different a belief is.