Sunday, November 11, 2012

New Beginning

Here I sit at 3:30am finished with my workload and waiting for my shift to be over. The only way I am able to stay awake is to open my thoughts up on a type/blog. Here they are.

This last week was the beginning of a new job for me. I began Monday working at a job that I so far like. Everyone has their dislikes about their job, but there seem to be more positives in this new job. Call me crazy but I kind of like working behind a desk and in an office setting where customers/patients come to see me. I almost want to go back to school and become a doctor so I can be a family practitioner, almost. Ha. There are some benefits to my new job that I really like and they include working during the day (11-5 for now) makes it great for evenings with my family. It is the strangest thing when I'm able to put a full day in and come home and put up the Christmas lights. I've never been able to do that and this last week I did. It felt good. I am also working my previous job every other Saturday. This will enable me to not lose my skills I've developed while working in a hospital setting. The new job is performance based and therefore has a lot of potential for me. I will be working my butt off to get things on the right path. In the end, I'd like to have a long term relationship with a job rather than jump from job to job only because I need to increase my pay. That may happen, but I want to try to avoid that. I think everyone tries to find some financial stability right? All I want is for my children to have everything they could ever need and not have to struggle to get it. This will take more time but I can at least say I am trying at this point.

Okay, my thoughts are decreasing at this point and my eyelids are getting heavier forcing me to end this post and try to find something else to occupy my mind so I can keep from sleeping just yet. Until next time!