Sunday, December 15, 2013

Constant Struggle

Although we all go through our own struggles and have our own difficulties with life, I have to say, when you have a lack of belief and your spouse has a belief, struggles seem to come more frequently. I say this because it is difficult to not fight with my wife when something comes up that either of us may not agree with. She believes a sky god has blessed her or has punished her. I tend to think it is more or less the effort put into something by our own hand. We are the creators of our own destiny. I have the hardest time sitting there while something "majestic" is happening to my little family and giving the sky god all the credit. How can one believe in Jesus when most cultures have a version of their own that predate Christianity by a long shot?

I don't know where to turn to except the internet where people are going through what I am. How can you successfully raise children in a god fearing environment when you know it is all bullshit? Let's think about this for a minute. A story was told to me recently with my wife that she heard from someone else. She took it to heart because she could put herself and our daughter in the same shoes the story mentioned. To paraphrase, a woman has her first child and constantly is fighting to make everything perfect with that child. Always cautions her daughter to not get dirty or to be careful when playing so she didn't get hurt. She expected perfection. Eventually she grows up and has nervous breakdowns because she is not able to show perfection in all aspects of her life. She is always afraid of what her mother would think if she failed. At this point she has ruined her life and squashed all form of normality. My wife took it to heart because she feels she has done this to our daughter. I likened religion to this analogy and there are far more details to that story that I did not endulge in. If you raise a child into a belief that if you aren't doing good all of the time eventually they break down because the torment of God's wrath is upon them, you've messed them up. Moral code is not dictated from religion. Religion's moral code is to own slaves, beat your children until they obey, human sacrifice, kill your opposition, etc. eventually religion accepts what good moral code comes up from advances in science and claims it has always believed that. That is insane and therefore needs to be stopped. Wake up people! Think about what you are supporting when you sit in the pew at church or what you are giving your money to. The churches that are out there are preying on your money by threatening something you cannot see, taste, touch or feel. It is absurd! 

No matter how sacrilegious one might think this grumpy cat illustration is, I look at it as I would look at any religion. Any threat or justification can be looked at objectively and therefore squashed. They have no power over you if you do not allow them to. They only have power on you if you let them. Life is too fragile and too short to fear the sky gods. Build your own moral code and add upon it. As long as you aren't hurting yourself or anyone else, go for it.