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So here we are on February 1, 2012. This post is more for what has happened since my last post. I know I am not a very good blogger, but I do tweet and post quite a bit on the internet. I speak much of my spiritual views in this blog and this time I am wanting to add a little more to it and also place my politics within this post. Spiritually, with Mormonism, I am struggling to find a root that I can hold on to. I am a history buff and I like to adhere to something with its history. As you know, like I do, the history of Mormonism is very cloudy and difficult to understand. I have struggled with it since I was a young teenager. I went through my "rebellion" as a teenager because I didn't like what I saw in the history of the church. I won't go into detail as to what I do not like about the history, but just know there is more I do not agree with than there is that I do agree with. This is big to me. I served a two year mission in the southern part of our country (Texas) and I came across more information that I was not ready for yet because I had consented on serving for two years. I did so successfully. Most individuals I have spoken to didn't fall away because of transgression or anything similar, they did because they studied to be a better member. I studied quite a bit on my mission and when I returned home. I tried to make sense of it all by "proving" to myself through cognitive thinking that it made sense, when in fact it did not. Needless to say, anyone can have their view on what they believe to be "truth". I mean heck, I argued it for two years up against some very intellectual individuals and felt I was somewhat successful at doing so. If they did not agree with me, most if not all, could at least become friendly by the end of our discussion.

I read an article that Elder Jensen was a part of and it was quite interesting. Here is the link,

Elder Jensen acknowledges the decline in membership by individuals leaving the church by record percentages not seen since before Brigham Young. He sees the issue. Some of the brethren also see the issue. A lot of members do not see the issue. With Governor Mitt Romney one step closer to becoming the Republican Nominee after winning Florida, Mormonism will come more into the limelight and members will want to search more about their beliefs so their gentile brothers and sisters will have better answers to their questions. I feel this may only fuel what is happening that Elder Jensen acknowledges as something happening worldwide. Either the church must start to become fully transparent, just as we demand our government do the same thing, or more members will flee. I am sure this is a growing concern for the brethren on top of the church's chain of command.

As for my politics...I was one to support Mitt Romney back in 2008 because I felt the strains of the economy while selling automobiles at my father's establishment. With that being said, this time around I do not know who to follow. Mitt can be confusing as to where he is taking his campaign. I have to agree that he isn't doing this for money or anything similar. I do believe he is doing it for the mere sake of power. I mean who wouldn't want to have the most powerful job in the world? He could do a lot of good if he can turn our economy around just like he did with the Olympics in 2002 and also with his prior businesses that Bain capital was able to make profitable again (through questionable tactics, but ultimately successful). Obama has been President for 3 years now and he has not been able to hold to his promises during his campaign to be President. He has done quite a bit and I do believe he is trying his best. I also believe he is a good man and sincerely wants the best for this country. When individuals believe he is less American or that he hates the American people, I scorn them for thinking that! Sufficeth to say, I am becoming more liberal with my political views. That is why Romney still is in my thinking against Obama and vice versa. I do not support any of the other candidates in the Republican Party.

In conclusion it is important to bring my politics and religion together in this post. The more I see my faith shatter with the LDS church, the more I see my political views change and tend to shy away from conservatism. I have my reasons, and know that they are not because of transgression or anything similar to that. I love my family very much (wife and children) and will not make any decisions as of yet. I am still searching for that ROOT that I can hold on to. If you want to know why individuals leave the church, without transgression, John Dehlin makes a valid point in his podcast. Here is the link,

Until next time! Leave comments if you would like me to clarify anything I've mentioned. Thanks!